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Entertainment Business

​Tiffany's clients are working on Network Affiliates, Theatre Stages, Red Carpets and as professional Actors & Models.

Pageant & Public Speaking

My job is NOT to tell you you're perfect, but rather to give you honest feedback. 

I help you to create a self-marketing plan, speaking profile, and media appearances that will propel you into the public eye giving you confidence and a purpose behind the crown. 

Pageant & Entertainment Coaching

As Seen on MTV's "MADE"  

                  CLICK HERE to Watch full Episode                    

Success comes from a good business plan, marketing & self-promotion, persistence, and honing your skills to further your career and life purpose. What is your  dream?

Competing in pageantry is about giving you life skills on and off the stage. 

But let's be serious, I've never known someone who has competed without wanting to be their personal best and hopefully have the opportunity of a lifetime to wear the crown.


I will wholeheartedly admit, many times I learned more about myself when I didn't win a competition, as well as how to BE a graceful winner, but the Crown ultimately changed my life.

I couldn't have done it without the coaches I had along the way..


Have you always wanted to give a dynamite presentation?


Wouldn't it be wonderful to get up in front of a group of peers and speak as though you were a Professional- having the words come with ease and your message delivered effectively?

Tiffany has spoken at thousands of events statewide and wants to help you impress your peers, civic group, boss, or event with the gift of eloquence..

$100 per Hour or Package Option

Have you dreamed of being an Actress, TV Talent or Model but don't know where to start? 

Stop longing for a chance to be in front of the camera and DO IT!


Learn how to decipher between real opportunities and scams that take advantage of new talent. 

Learn to:
 -Get an agent.
 -Know which classes to take: which ones aren't a scam and how much should I spend? 
 -Marketing Tools: Which pictures are necessary to start?
 -Do Photo Movement for a composite card

 -Create a Personal Brand
 -Write a talent resume 

 -Talent Taxes

 -Look Camera Ready

 - Walk a Runway

 -Do I need to be a member of SAG or AFTRA? 

Tiffany has trained Actors and Models and networked them with local agents and industry professionals for years starting careers locally and internationally for actors and models ages 5-45.  Isn't it YOUR TURN?

$100 per Hour or Package Option




Miss Minnesota 2012

Miss Kenosha 2012

Miss Racine 2010 and Outstanding Teen 2010 Miss Mankato (Prelim to Miss MN - She became Miss Minnesota 2007)

StarQuest 2005, 2006, 2007


Miss Coon Rapids 2007, 2008, 2009
On-stage Host:

Miss Minnesota MAO 2007, 2008;

Miss City of Lakes

Miss West Metro

Miss Coon Rapids

Miss Heart of the Lakes

Fairest of the Fair 2005, 2006

Judge, Host, Produce Pageant Sampling




Titles Held:
*Miss America Contestant 2005 LIVE on ABC
*Miss MN MAO 2004-2005 & Interview Winner
*Miss Metropolitan 2004
   -Overall Talent Winner & Interview Winner
*Miss Coon Rapids 2002
   - Top 8 Miss Minnesota & Miss Congeniality
*Fairest of the Fair Royalty
*Hometown Royalty Aquatennial
*Miss Pre-Teen Minnesota 1992
Miss Minnesota USA Top 10 

Miss Minnesota Teen USA 3rd Runner UpMiss Jr National Teenager Top 10

Miss Jr Teen Minnesota 3rd Runner up

Distinguished Young Woman:

-2012-Erin Canon DYW of Wauwatosa

Miss Minnesota USA:
 -2008/2009-Brooke Peterson: Top 10
Miss Minnesota America:
-2009-Quinn Nystrom, Top 10, Quality of Life Winner, Community Service Winner.
-2008 & 2009 Kelsey Malecha: 2nd Runner Up: Interview Winner, Community Service Winner, Swimsuit Winner.
 -2006/2005-Cindy Neseth
Miss Midwest:
 -2008-Quinn Nystrom: Winner & Interview
 -2007-Kelsey Malecha: Winner 
Miss Twin Cities:
 -2008-Quinn Nystrom: Interview Winner
 -2006-Cindy Neseth: Winner
Miss MN's Outstanding Teen Interview Coach:
 -2007 -Chantal Wilson
 -2006 -Natalie Davis
 -2005 -Giselle Ugarte 
Miss MN HighSchool

-2009 -Brittany Link: Winner
National American Miss:
-2010-Madison U. Jr. Pre-Teen Model
-2010-Brittany Link: Winner Jr. Teen
-2008 - Brittany Link: 2nd runner up, Speech Winner, Modeling Winner.
American Coed Queens:
 - 2008- Shelby Fossell: Teen Queen 2008, Talent Winner, Interview Winner.

MAO Peliminary Contestants Nationwide

Minneapolis Aquatennial Contestants

Coaching & Pageant History Sampling

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